Om Namo Venkatesaya

By Sleeping in Flight, PM Saved 3 Days Time!

Call it an austerity measure or a time saving trick, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has skipped to stay in luxury hotels and instead chose to sleep, stay in the flight itself. During his recent foreign trip from March 30 to April 2, Modi has toured Belgium, America and Saudi Arabia. He traveled from Delhi to Brussels, and from Brussels to Washington DC and from there to Riyadh of Saudi. As part of the trip, Modi had to take rest in various hotels and change dress, but feeling that it would take away most of his time, he said to have decided to rest and change in the flight itself.

It's learnt that Modi was on a tight schedule where he had to visit the three nations in 3 days and lined up with crucial meetings. So, Modi slept in Air India One flight all the three nights taking his security personnel and many other by surprise. Due to this, Modi managed to wrap up the visits in just 97 hours. Had he checked into hotels, his trip would had been extended for 3 more days i.e total 6 days.

Being the PM of the world's largest democratic nation, Modi sleeping in flight is something unusual and unexpected. With this, Modi has definitely set new precedent.