Om Namo Venkatesaya

Naidu’s key promise entangled in financial issues!

TDP government has to disburse the second phase of Runa Maafi funds by the end of December but is yet to do that. This will cost 5200 Crore to the state exchequer. However the government could not bear this expense due to the financial problems of the state.

The government could not go in for more loans and is eagerly waiting for the center to reimburse the revenue deficit and 2000 Crore spent for Polavaram. On the other side, Center is not speaking a word about any possible help.

Naidu is expected to have talks with the central ministers in the next week to get some funds in the unspent funds in various ministries. Probably, only Venkaiah Naidu may come to rescue but even after that 5200 Crore may not possible.