Om Namo Venkatesaya

Will Naidu dare to forge alliance with BJP?

Telugu Desam Party had left out 63 divisions for BJP to contest in the upcoming GHMC elections. But the ongoing issue of Dalit Student suicide, has left the yellow party in full tense mode. Dalit voters may penalize BJP heavily for this whatever may have happened in the campus.

Few TDP leaders are of the opinion that the party should give B-forms in all or some of the divisions left to BJP so that these 63 divisions will not go out of their hands totally. But this will need Chandrababu’s nod as giving B-forms in BJP divisions will mean that TDP is forging alliance with the saffron party.

Any such decision will affect the alliance of TDP and BJP in AP as well as central level. Naidu who is currently in Davos trip has to take a decision on this. It is unlikely that he will take such hasty decision now!