Om Namo Venkatesaya

Malladhi Vishnu arrested at the stroke of midnight

Former MLA and Vijayawada Congress President, Malladhi Vishnu was arrested a short while ago by SIT. Vishnu and his brother were also arrested and stationed in Krishna Lanka Police Station. This is in relation to eight deaths ... belonging to Vishnu.

Vishnu was questioned for about 12 hours yesterday and 10 hours today. Vishnu was Accused No.9 in the case and went to underground for several days. Couple of days ago, he reappeared in Vijayawada and the court instructed him to attend to SIT investigation, refusing him anticipatory bail.

The former Congress MLA tried to escape from the case alleging that some one poisoned the water in the restaurant and it is no case of  But the investigation report clearly said liuor was adulterated using Methyl Alcool so that customers get more intoxication. Excess usage of Methyl Alcool on that fateful day killed eight.