Om Namo Venkatesaya

'State Hit By Drought, Heritage Hit By Profits'

YSRC state leader Jogi Ramesh came down heavily on Chandrababu Naidu, alleging that he is using the state's drought condition to earn profits through Heritage. Lashing out at Chandrababu, Lokesh and other ministers, Ramesh blamed that Heritage is making the best money out of droughts and scorching summers in AP. 

In a proposal to arrange drinking water and buttermilk centers across the state in various locations, Rs. 3 crore for each district making a total of Rs. 39 crore was allotted. Vijayanagaram district collector issued letters to organizers to buy the required curd from Heritage stores and Jogi Ramesh wants people to realize how Chandrababu is benefited on drought conditions. 

Jogi Ramesh blasted on BJP government and national leaders belonging to state, as they kept mum when other leaders from center showed their denial on special status to AP.