Om Namo Venkatesaya

British Royalty In Dosa Making

Prince of Britain William and Kate the Duchess came up with a surprise, as no one expects the royalty to make a dosa and to eat it too! As a courtesy to Indian startup's innovation, the royal couple tried making a dosa. 
Prince William poured the dosa batter in a machine and Kate pressed the needed buttons only to find a great dosa coming ot of machine. Prince tasted a bite of dosa and said 'Namaste India, Thank you for the dosa experience. It is going to be more filling next time', he in a way broke the jinx of Royal couple-never-eat-in-public practice. 
Kate Middleton to had too many questions about the the process and machine that makes dosa. The machine was introduced by a Bangalore based startup called Dosamatic and its chief executive is planning to introduce a residential model and he is already serving some big clients and hotels with a compatible machine.