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CM Reveals Mystery Behind Costly Watch

After several weeks long controversy,  Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah has finally revealed the mystery behind his expensive Hublot watch which is allegedly worth more than 70 lakhs. Siddaramaiah said that the watch was gifted to him by a Dubai-based cardiac surgeon, an old friend of his.

Refuting the opposition's allegations that the watch costs 70 lakhs, Siddaramaiah said that the watch is worth only 7 lakhs. The CM also said he will furnish all the details regarding the watch's ownership as part of his asset and income declarations before the Income Tax Department and Karnataka Lokayukta.

In a move to free himself from the mire of controversies at once, Siddaramaiah also declared his watch as state's property and that he would deposit it with the state Secretariat. Stating that he is not a man who is interested in a life of leisure, Siddaramaiah further revealed that the watch is basically a "second-hand watch" and that it costs 35,000 dirhams in Dubai.