Om Namo Venkatesaya

Sundar Pichai seem to have got it completely wrong!

The CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai has written an open letter in support of Muslims. This was in response to Republican candidate Donald Trump’s recent statement calling for a ban on Muslims entering the United States. In a detailed post, he stated, “Let’s not let fear defeat our values. We must support Muslim and other minority communities in the US and around the world.”
Recalling his early days in the US, Pichai says, “It’s so disheartening to see the intolerant discourse playing out in the news these days, statements that our country would be a better place without the voices, ideas and the contributions of certain groups of people, based solely on where they come from, or their religion. After the Paris attacks and hate this week, I can only imagine the fear Muslims feel that they will be persecuted for the actions of others.”
Pichai cited his own company Google as an example. “Google is comprised of many employees from different races and cultures. But the difference brings beauty and uniqueness to the company and their workplace. Despite the difference, they are able to do great things that really count together.” Even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said earlier this month that the Muslim community should not face discrimination following attacks in Paris and elsewhere linked to extremists.
Sundar Pichai and Zuckerberg seem to have got it completely wrong. They are speaking of intolerance to a nation that has elected a black gentleman as its president. Racial tensions have always existed on this planet but there is no other community that responds with violence and takes innocent lives in expressing their intentions. All Muslims are not terrorists and terrorism should be delinked from religion is a very catchy phrase in vogue. It is also politically correct. But why is it that terrorists always happen to belong to one particular religion? And there is hardly any condemnation of these attacks from the leaders in their own community.
When innocent people are gunned down ruthlessly in the streets in the name of religion, how can these gentlemen ensconced in the safety of their air-conditioned cabins and villas understand the trepidation of the common man in walking the streets freely? How can the common people guard themselves against an irrational religious terror? Has even a single fatwa been issued against the ISIS by the religious leaders of that community? No lives lost in the Mumbai carnage, September 11, the Paris attacks or the recent killings in America, are expendable. Only the families of the victims would understand what it means to lose their loved ones in such a manner.
When the streets are no longer safe, you don’t indulge in politically correct statements and populist gibberish. You do whatever it takes to protect your citizens. Because, prevention is better than cure. What would you rather have? A community that is aggrieved you’re your citizens safe or doing the politically correct thing and ending up with body bags? Therefore, Sundar Pichai and Zuckerberg are better advised to speak on the economy or the next big thing in technology rather than creating an identity for themselves through such populist endeavors in fields in which, they are obviously completely out of their depths.