Om Namo Venkatesaya

Its KTR all over in Telangana!

Ahead of the crucial GHMC elections, Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Ramarao is taking center-stage in state politics. On Tuesday, KTR conducted first-of-its-kind, Town Hall meeting where he took Questions from thousands who thronged the venue. The session went for house and began with KTR making a power point presentation about the schemes introduced by TRS government.

He unveiled plans about how Hyderabad will become global city only if we can get the basics right. While trumpeting the government’s achievements, KTR also lashed at the Central government which is not helping the newest state as much as it ought to be.

The entire Q&A session went on very well except in the case of a lady who tried to ask series of questions like what about farming plan in ground level..why focus only on corporate etc. She raised few other questions TRS couldn’t fulfill, KTR for a moment looked like taken back and instead of answering her KTR tried to mock her by saying give her water and cool her down etc. Looks like KTR inherited his father’s intelligence of being offensive in defense too.