Om Namo Venkatesaya

KCR’s Master check mate to Opposition!

Telangana Government had rattled the opposition parties in the state by making an amendment to GHMC elections act. According to that the entire process of completing the entire election process other than counting of votes within 15 days from the date of election notification. Earlier the process would take 45 days.

This move will give only three days for filing nominations and subsequently only one day each would be given for scrutiny and withdrawal of nominations. Polling can now be held in a mere nine days from the date of withdrawal of nominations. While the government says this change is to to complete the election process before the end of January deadline fixed by the High Court, the actual reason seem to be hitting ill-prepared opposition.

TRS already completed selection of candidates and began its campaigning a month. Other opposition parties are yet to start their campaign and start their candidates selection. If the notification suddenly drops in, the parties will have dedicate most of their time to selecting candidates and dealing with rebel candidates. This would ensure that they do not get time to campaign well which will give an edge to the ruling party.