Om Namo Venkatesaya

Samantha's 30 Lacs Silences Criticism

Whenever a calamity strikes, it became a notion for certain sections of society to look into how much cinema celebrities have donated for the calamity. They don't count on industrialists, businessmen and others who earn far better than cinema celebs, but the amounts donated by celebrities are a point of discussion. 

For the recent Chennai calamity, actors like Allu Arjun and Shah Rukh Khan have responded generously and donated some mighty figures. Some celebs like Siddharth however invested much of their time and efforts rather throwing the dust off their hands by just donating to Tamilnadu CM relief fund. Anyway, criticism has engulfed heroines as none of the names of supers starlets are heard in connection with donations.

Finally there is a piece that can make critics as happy, as it is revealed that heroine Samantha donated 30 lakhs for Chennai flood victims. Well, that should silence all the criticism. There are other heroines from South who are marked for their 10+ crores earnings in the Forbes 100 List, and they should also consider donating something for flood victims.