Om Namo Venkatesaya

Congress stuns the unstoppable TRS

The ruling party in Telangana, TRS managed to win 10 out of the 12 MLC seats under local bodies quota. The ruling party managed to win six unanimously and the remaining four in the election results today. However Congress made a good comeback by winning two seats.

The main opposition party in Telangana won Nalgonda and one of the two seats in Mahabubnagar. The ruling party is in a shock because the numbers in these seats were on its side when it arranged camps. But the voters in their camps let them down in the polling.

Congress by this saves face as a distant but main opposition. This win against the mighty and unstoppable TRS will boost their confidence levels to fight in the opposition. TRS which do not have numbers strength in the election, managed to win majority seats with its operation Akarsha but failed in these two seats.