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Again, Cartoon insult on India!

An Australian Newspaper which published a cartoon depicting poor people wearing turbins, which is typical Indian style of clothing in 1950s, trying to eat the solar panels while another man compelling not to eat but the dissident tries with Mango Chutney. This cartoon drawn by Bill Leak, published in Australian newspaper on Monday has attracted fire from the netizens and Australian Politicians.

Many slammed this article as “racist creation of uneducated arrogance.” Some say that Cartoonist Bill view on India is out dated and India has moved long way since Independence along with world and now creates an intuitive platform for technological innovations.

This article drawn against the PM Narendra Modi insistence to share the major chunk of burden related to Carbon emissions by developed countries than developing countries. This cartoon came aftermath New York Times paper published an elephant which had blocked the climate change talks to criticize India’s stance at recent meetings in Paris.