Om Namo Venkatesaya

Modi trusts Naidu more than anyone else!

Its been 18 months in Power for Narendra Modi. The major focus is on steadying the economy and improving the foreign relations. But Modi government is still lagging on the most important social welfare schemes which are very much needed to win elections in India.

Modi’s Housing for All is one such scheme in that direction. The Modi government had announced this scheme with an objective of making every one have a house by 2022. This will be one flagship scheme of Modi when he goes for 2019 elections so it needed to be success at any cost.

Modi had trusted Naidu more than any Chief Minister to make this scheme success. Thats the reason why the center had announced more than 75% of houses for AP which will receive a central funding of 1.5 Lakh per each house. So Naidu’s win here will be Modi’s win as well.