Om Namo Venkatesaya

TRS resumes attack on Chandrababu!

AP and Telangana governments are staying away from controversies and attacks on each other since that bonhomie between Chandrababu and K Chandrasekhar Rao in the awake of Amaravati Foundation fete. However Harish Rao started it once again, may be to ignite fire for the upcoming Warangal by-elections...
Telangana government had decided to increase the storage capacity of Kalvakurthy Project and AP government had officially lodged an objection with Krishna River Management Board. According to AP Reorganization Act, Telangana can not alter the storage capacity of ongoing projects as it would create issues for AP.

However Harishrao in his own style lambasted Chandrababu portraying him against the saving of drought hit Mahabubnagar district with altering Kalvakurthy design. While no one will object saving the districts, both Harish may better know it should be done with out violating AP Reorganization Act. Or is he asking the AP CM to sacrifice the interests of AP for political interests in Telangana?