Om Namo Venkatesaya

Chennai floods to bring down Jayalalithaa?

Tamil Nadu will be going to elections towards the end of next year. Until few days ago, Jayalalithaa was seen as invincible in the Tamil land but all of sudden, anti-government vote is increasing by leaps and bounds there. The government’s inefficient handling of the floods in the state is causing this anti-incumbency.

More over there are reports all over that AIADMK workers are stopping trucks coming from other states and NGO to insist the materials be branded with the Jayalalithaa stickers. This is to fool the uneducated sections of the society by sending a message the help is coming from the government.

This is not one stray incident, but there are numerous incidents of extortions and bullying. One more arrogance of Jayalalithaa is refusal of Karnataka’s help. The state government rejected 5 Crore help and sent back doctors teams sent by the neighbouring state. The help is rejected for the sole reason, it was a Karnataka court that convicted Jayalalithaa in illegal assets case. What a downslide for Jaya!