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Senior star sees political hand behind Court Case

We have already reported that senior Bollywood superstar Govinda got orders from the Supreme Court of the country to either apologize to his fan and settle the issue amicably or else face the prosecution proceedings for allegedly slapping a fan, Santosh Bateshwar Rai in 2008.

Since Santosh is a commoner and the man is able to prolong the case and fight in lower courts and could take the issue to the apex court of the court, Govinda reasons that there might be some political behind prolonging the case for so many years. He wants to take a decision only after seeing the full copy of the orders from the court.

While Govinda claims the video clip doing rounds is a morphed one, the court didn’t buy the argument and asked the big hero to show his big heart by apologizing to the complainant, his fan. Here Govind denies that the person might be his fan as he thinks that no fan would take such a step and the star also asks for proof to show that Santosh was his fan.