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Naidu's Rs 50,000 Tip Turned Down By a Driver

Call it an inspiring situation rather an awkward one, when Chandrababu's 50k rupees tip rejected by a driver. Not an Indian driver, but a Singapore driver refused to accept a huge tip from AP CM Chandrababu Naidu during his visit there. 

Highly impressed by that sincereity, Chandrababu wants to put corruption and money scandals out of our state. Mentioning this incident at an private school event, Chandrababu also came down heavily on opposition leaders who targeted him and Lokesh with corruption allegations. 

Naidu says he doesnot even carry any money in his pockets, and asks why they are targeting him with these meaningless allegations. The CM seems really upset with 'pedababu - chinna babu' comments on himself and Lokesh, tagging them to unwanted accusations.