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Pawan Wants To Be Brand Ambassador

Usually reticent and media-shy, Pawan Kalyan rarely makes public appearances. And when he does, it'd definitely becomes a talking point. Pawan, who is in London to attend the closing ceremony of Jayate Kuchipudi in London, has made the event a splash. Pawan was cynosure of all eyes and man of the moment.

Speaking at the event, Pawan talked about the importance of art, culture and how arts are part of one's life. Pawan gave a call for youth to contribute, embrace and encourage arts. He asked NRIs to come forward and make it a habit to promote the Telugu art, culture. The Gabbar Singh star shared how he has high regard for arts. Pawan, who was thoroughly in good mood, seen presenting mementos to the performing artistes.

None other than Pawan himself expressed his interest to be the brand ambassador for the Telugu art and culture. This indeed took many by surprise. If Pawan himself endorses Telugu art and culture, no doubt, there's no need to even look back.

Pawan hasn't signed any brands and turned down several top brands that have commercial agenda in the recent years. Looks like, Pawan is open to endorse genuine causes.