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Reddy once again arrested!

Mining Baron Gaali Janardhan Reddy was once again arrested by SIT Lokayukta in Bengaluru a short while ago. This is in relation to a new illegal mining case. Gaali who rotted in Jail for almost three years, was out on bail in January.

But now the arrest once again puts him behind the bars. Initial reports say the case is about the illegal mining of Iron ore in Belekeri. Gaali Janardhan Reddy once commanded the Karnataka Politics when BJP was in Power.

While the late YS Rajasekhar Reddy is the CM of Andhra Pradesh, he got lot of irregular benefits from the then AP government in mining in Rayalaseema districts. All those wrong doings mounted on him and sent him to jail for about three years. And it looks like the cases will haunt him forever.