Om Namo Venkatesaya

Maggi for rain-hit Chennai

The Maggi noodles banned by Central government over alleged presence of lead beyond permissible limits; it has hit back the market with revised version. The Ministry of Food Processing Industries is overseeing the food supplies to the flood hit Chennai.

The ministry is trying to ensure that reliability of all kinds of food supplies to Chennai by coordinating the supplies from various renowned brands and social welfare groups. Yesterday, the ministry released the top listed brands that shipped their products to the Chennai Nehru Indoor Stadium for distribution. The Nestle tops the list with 10 MT of Maggi noodles, 5000 litres of tetra packed milk and 50000 pouches of coffee.

It is planning to deliver the additional quantity of 25-30 MT of Maggi noodles, about 8 MT Munch and Sunrise Biscuits 800 Kgs by Monday. In this situation, the noodles supply may benefit the Chennai people by way of instant food.