Om Namo Venkatesaya

Sakshi's Takeover Babu's Biggest Mistake

In his latest media interaction, AP CM Nara Chandrababu Naidu, when asked about his government's stand in tackling corruption, stated that his government will acquire the properties of corrupt bigwigs and especially a media house which spread its roots on corruption.

Babu also said that the illegal wealth amassed by the corrupt people should belong to the government and thus to the public. Babu's indirect comments which are seemingly aimed at his political opponent YS Jagan and his Sakshi news paper created a major storm in the political circles in no time.

Such indirect verbal attack by a politician of Babu's stature will only send wrong signals to the common people. Babu's comments will also create sympathy towards YS Jagan among the  people and further weaken public's trust and belief in Babu as a forthright leader.

Political analysts are opining that Babu commenting on taking over Sakshi and Jagan's properties is his biggest mistake in the recent past. Meanwhile, everyone is eagerly waiting to see if Babu will indeed put his words on taking over Sakshi into action.