Om Namo Venkatesaya

Heavy flow: 20,000 couples married on Sunday

The last Sunday witnessed a slew of marriages in both Telugu states Andhra and Telagana. There is estimate of around 20,000 couples entered into wedlock yesterday. All the roads leading to marriage halls were rushed heavily.

The reason behind the heavy flow is Auspicious Hasta Nakshatram and Kartika Bahula Dasami fell on same day thus led to the priests and parents to opt for this muhurtam. This is further triggered by the non-availability of auspicious muhurtams since past few days. This is the starting auspicious days and in coming days there are lot of muhurtams available for marriage said a priest.

All the working force may not attend the weddings if they fall on weekdays. Being the weekend day also spurred relatives to attend their loved ones marriages.