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Mark Zukerberg Goes Indian

Mark Zuckerberg one of world's most richest just at 30 has a special affiliation with India. Don't know if its because of the kind of business India gives him or because of the brinies he has employed from this country.

Zuckerberg is a sensation every way. Be it his black or gray T shirts he is always spotted in even on worldclass meets or his sensational 2 month Maternity leave he has taken to invite his daughter into the world next month. He choose to wish India in a Indian style pic this year.

This picture of Mark Zukerberg and his wife Priscila Chan is at a wedding in Goa, few years ago. Sharing this picture Mark stated that he misses celebrations in India and that's a picture at his friend Aditya's wedding! Both mark and Pricilla look so chic in Indian wear!!