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Look! Which SS pushed Modi to 3rd place

Till recently it was our Prime Minister in the 2nd place on Twittter and senior superstar Amitabh in the top position. Though Amitabh’s position is intact, it’s Modi’s position which was pushed to the third on Twitter following. Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan is presently in the second position with 16 million followers.

Modi’s Twitter followers count is 15.8 million. The aging superstar is very active on Twitter sharing from his films to his personal photos. The photos of his youngest son AbRam are the most awaited and adored by not only his fans but even others. Shahrukh is almost present everyday on Twitter.

His engaging tweets are the main reasons for his big following on the social platform. On his 50th birthday which he celebrated recently, the superstar was on Twitter throughout the day thanking almost every tweet which wished him ‘Happy Birthday’. That’s what makes fans happy and hence the following.