Om Namo Venkatesaya

TRS adopts dual stand for Modi

Ruling Telangana Rashtra Samiti is adopting an interesting stand on BJP and the central government. The Pink party already gave enough indications that it is eager to join the NDA government. But rival TDP’s presence already there, is delaying the joining.

Recently we have seen KTR coming to the rescue of BJP in Bihar defeat and said, winning and losing is always a part of elections and every election need not be seen as do or die situation. But bonhomie did not last longer. TRS is aiming blazing guns on BJP in the campaigning of the ongoing Warangal by-election.

KTR criticized Narendra Modi saying that the Prime Minister do not have time to tour the new state but is always seen touring other countries. Given Warangal has more cotton farmers, TRS leaders are also aiming guns at the center for not ensuring cotton purchases and increase of MSP for cotton. Looks like TRS is adopting dual stand on the center.