Om Namo Venkatesaya

Will Naidu fall in YSR Congress’ trap?

YSR Congress is coming up with a detailed plan to nail the eight defected MLAs of their party. The main opposition party brought two Non Confidence motions in two days to corner them but the ruling party is proved to be more politically intelligent. Now YSR Congress is making the third attempt with voting during appropriation bill. By deciding on that early, YSR Congress had enough time to issue whip to all its MLAs including the defected MLAs. They also wrote two letters to the Speaker. One demanding voting on appropriation bill and the second is the list of the MLAs who got elected on YSR Congress symbol. Usually appropriation bill is passed through voice vote. We will have to see if YSR Congress’ letter to Speaker gets voting! YSR Congress is desperate to get the defected MLAs disqualified as they can potentially damage the party prospects of getting a Rajya Sabha seat which the party should get normally with their numbers.