Om Namo Venkatesaya

Bad news for the Hyderabadis!

Hyderabad, the region which is now turning into a silicon valley of India, with amazing set of startups and research centres of various top MNCs, is slowly frightening the people, on the aspect of water resources. As per the information, ground water resources in Hyderabad were diminishing at rapid pace. Due to the usage of illegal bores and exuding the ground water, Hyderabad has seen a decrease in ground water level by almost 0.78 meters this year.

In few areas of Hyderabad, people were failing to get ground water even after having a bore of almost 1400 feet. This alarming situation is set to turn more serious in the coming days. If this is the case, even though the city grows with respect to technology and jobs, people can’t stay there due to lack of basic resources.

It seems that this situation is present not just in Hyderabad, but in other districts of Telengana. The government of this state should start thinking about this problem and try to solve it before it becomes tough to handle.