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KTR bowls over the youth with T-Hub

Telangana’s IT Minister KTR had his first mark on the youngsters of the state by inaugurating the biggest Startup hub in both the Telugu States, T-Hub. It is a boon for startup companies coming in the state as it provides state of facilities to nurture best of the young talent.

Companies coming here will have a maximum of 14 employees. They are supposed to grow in an year and move out creating a chance to another start-up to join the T-Hub. In the first phase, T-Hub is offering 70000 sq feet of office space.

The T-Hub was unveiled by none other than the tycoon of Indian industry, Ratan Tata. Already three IT majors – Microsoft, Google and Cisco evinced interest in partnering with the T-Hub, the state’s startup incubator center. KTR was instrumental in completing the project in less than 2 years and made a mark for himself in youngsters with this project.