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Roja, Know The Difference Between Movie & Media Cameras

YSRCP's firebrand MLA from Nagari constituency Roja's vehement verbal attacks on opposition leaders need no introduction. The actress turned politician often lands herself into deep troubles due to her tongue slips and the best example was her comments on the TDP MLA Anitha, which even led to her suspension from AP assembly.

Recently, Roja pulled off another storm when she commented that there are no "real men" in TDP. And it was Anitha's turn to counter attack Roja. Anitha said that Roja should control her tongue at least now and that she lacks the moral right to criticize Chandrababu.

Lashing out at Roja further, Anitha said that Roja should know the difference between a movie camera and media camera and thus she must speak sense accordingly. Anitha also said that all the MLAs are leaving Jagan only due to his arrogance and ignorance.