Om Namo Venkatesaya

KCR dumps trusted lieutenant in DGP appointment

Telangana government had finalized the Director – General of Police of the state who will head the entire Police department in the state. The current in-charge DGP is appointed full-time DGP by the government . Telangana state since its formation do not have a full time DGP and with this he is the first DGP of the state.

Finally the government finalized this appointment after these many days. Anurag Sharma is 1982 batch IPS officer. Senior IPS officers – Aruna Bahuguna (1979 batch), K Durga Prasad (1981), AK Khan (1981) and Anurag Sharma (1982) were in the race earlier and finally Anurag Sharma made it.

It is said that AK Khan had pinned high hopes on this post. To impress the Chief Minister, he had taken the Cash for Vote scam very personally in the rank of Telangana ACB Chief for this appointment. But even then he was not given the coveted position.