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Bruce Lee Movie Review - 2/5 - Aagadu is Better

Cast: Ram Charan, Chiranjeevi (cameo), Rakul Preeth Singh, Sampath Raj, Arun Vijay and Others
Directed by: Srinu Vaitla
Produced by: DVV Danayya
Banner: DVV Entertainments
Music by: SS Thaman
Release Date: 2015-10-16

Bruce Lee - The Fighter directed Srinu Vaitla has been riding on high expectations as star hero Ram Charan and the ace director have teamed up for the first time. Chiranjeevi's cameo appearance has added to the hype and the mega fans had mega expectations on this film. Did it live up to the hype and hoopla? Let's analyze.

What is it about?

Karthik (Ram Charan) is a stunt man who works hard to make his sister (Kriti Karbanda) an IAS officer. She is engaged to business tycoon Jayaraj's (Sampath Raj) son but no one knows about the dark side of Jayaraj. Karthik has to make sure that his sister has a peaceful life in her in-laws place by correcting everything. He takes up a mission and the rest of the film is about how he succeeds in doing it.


Ram Charan: Ram Charan has improved a lot on his histrionics. He has shown the lighter side of his in this film. He has danced like a dream and excelled in action scenes. This is surely Ram Charan's one man show in a film that hardly has any muscle. He shouldered the film from start to end to keep you engaged despite the age old script.

Chiranjeevi: Megastar appears in a scene towards the climax. His scene is worth waiting for and easily the best scene in this disappointing movie. Chiru's screen presence and his expressions will make fans go mad in excitement. He is totally fit even in his sixties. Now fans would wait even more eagerly for Megastar's full-fledged film after this scintillating cameo.

Rakul Preeth and Others: Rakul Preeth Singh's glamour is one of the main attractions for this film. She sizzled in the songs and is okay with her performance. Arun Vijay is okay as the bad guy. Sampath Raj is fine. Nadiya didn't have much scope. Kriti Karbanda is charming. Rao Ramesh is impressive as a middle class father. Brahmanandam failed to light up the screen. There are numerous A list actors in the film in minuscule roles. Posani and JP did their best to keep you entertained.


Srinu Vaitla has been successful in churning out the same formula again and again since Dhee. However he has failed to recreate the magic with Aagadu and the director is under extreme pressure to come up with something new. He chose a very weak script and made conscious efforts to stay away from his usual template. The result is a lackluster film that has little fizz.

Dialogues are okay. Music by Thaman is rocking. Background score is awesome. Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is an eye feast. Action part is over the top. Production values are very good.

Thumbs Up:

Ram Charan

Megastar Cameo


Thumbs Down:


Second Half

Less Comedy

Srinu Vaitla chose 'brother-sister sentiment' for this family entertainer that is laced with comedy and action. The director should have at least used his forte 'comedy' to make this an entertaining fare. Sadly Srinu Vaitla couldn't live up to what he is known for. In fact there are so many comedians and there is an attempt to make us laugh but it hardly clicked.
Despite the deja vu feel and age old formula script first half is passable with Charan looking refreshing as a stunt man with a sense of humor. Songs and fights are placed rightly to have us hooked. Interval point is interesting with few twists thrown into the tale. We expect Srinu Vaitla's kind of hilarious entertainment in the second half but what we are served is a sleep inducing eighties stuff.

Brahmanandam's entry and introduction of so many new characters doesn't add any value to the movie. Second half is utterly boring and unconvincing. If not for Chiranjeevi's cameo towards the end it is a total waste to sit through the second half that doesn't offer anything new. This is easily one of the weakest films of Srinu Vaitla who doesn't seem to have learnt a lesson from his previous debacle. Bruce Lee has its moments here and there with Ram Charan putting up an honest show. His spectacular dance moves and Chiranjeevi's spellbinding cameo are the only things that will enthrall fans.

Verdict: Boring Bruce Lee