Om Namo Venkatesaya

"Thanks BJP!" TDP Fans' Inner Voice

Just before the 2014 general elections, the then ruling party at the centre, Congress dig its own grave in Andhra Pradesh by dividing the erstwhile state. The unjust bifurcation invited severe public fury which completely decimated Congress in AP and the party didn't win even a single MLA or MP seat in the residual AP.

Now, the ruling BJP is going the same way as Congress and is digging it's own grave in Andhra Pradesh. In 2014, BJP formed an alliance with TDP and managed to win 4 assembly and 2 parliament seats. During its election campaign, BJP made several promises to AP, including the special status.

However, it's been more than 2 years since BJP came into power at the centre and the apex party has blatantly backstabbed Andhra Pradesh on the special status promise several times. With Narendra Modi maintaining his stoic silence over special status and his ministers denying the special status to AP, BJP has also strained its relationship with TDP.

This has only made TDP followers silently thank BJP as the party's high command's failures will prove fatal to BJP in AP in the 2019 elections. The Saffron bridge is staring at a miserable situation with hardly any chances of winning at least a single seat in 2019 as TDP will cash in on BJP's betrayal and conquer all the seats it sacrificed to BJP in 2014.