Om Namo Venkatesaya

More Privacy On Whatsapp

Messaging giant Whatsapp takes another big leap with a proud announcement of end to end encryption of communication of all its users, worldwide. 

Facebook owned Whatsapp announced that they started encrypting every message, audio calls, any file transfers on it. Only the recipient can read it, as the message gets decrypted by the recipient's device. 

Through this crucial step, Whatsapp is now able to barricade intercepts, hackers and cyber criminals. Even Whatsapp can't read any of the messages from now. This encryption of Whatsapp messages gives a major support to public privacy and security, and strong confidence to share anything they like without any intrusion. 

While this is on one side, security experts are totally unhappy with this move of communications privacy as anti-social groups or terrorists find it more easy to pass on the messages under the encryption. 

Needless to mention about Apple's tiff with FBI and US government regarding an unlock of a smartphone used by a gunman in California mass firings, and the latest move by Whatsapp is applauded by everyone, but not law enforcement and US department of justice.