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Babu's Do Or Die Ultimatum To T-TDP Leaders

Utterly disappointed with the way the party is heading in Telangana, the party's President Nara Chandrababu Naidu has reportedly given a 'Perform or Perish' ultimatum to the Telangana TDP leaders, including the party's Telangana unit President and Working President.

In a long and extended meeting with the T-TDP leaders at the Lake View guest house, Babu scrutinized the performance the T-TDP leaders and enquired about the challenges the party is facing in Telangana.

Babu was reportedly unhappy with the performance of T-TDP President L Ramana and Working President A Revanth Reddy and asked them to pull up their socks before the party faces further setbacks on the outset of the upcoming polls in 2019.

Apparently, Babu has also given the T-TDP heads a freehand in taking independent decisions from now on and even assured them that will cater more time for T-TDP and regularly monitor its development, amidst reports of him neglecting the party and its leaders in this region.