Om Namo Venkatesaya

'Delhi Naidu, Gully Naidu'

The Telangana state minister of IT & Panchayat Raj K Taraka Ramarao made a few jibes at the 'two Naidus', one in Delhi and the other one in the gully (neighborhood) are betraying Telangana people through their unjust acts in diverting the centre against its support to Telangana.

Stating further, KTR also said that the union government is showing partiality towards Telangana. In a media interaction this morning, KTR said that the TRS government aims for a gunless and a non violent Telangana and also said that the Maoist agenda is Telangana agenda.

KTR also reiterated that the TRS government has introduced several welfare schemes and programs for the development of its people. It is well known that the recently concluded Assembly sessions witnessed the TRS government coming under intense attack from all parties for the pathetic conditions of the farmers who have been committing suicides.