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Modi Shocks IAS Officer with Late Night Phone Call

PM Modi rang up an IAS officer at around 10PM, this story is the talk of the town which is hitting headlines. Recently it was updated by a quora user's who narrated about this incident, when Modi is trying to set right back the damaged high of Tripurs NH208(A) due to heavy rains.

'An IAS officer who is well known to my father and is posted in North Tripura got a call at 10pm on 21st July. He was surprised to get a call so late in the night.A young voice from the other side apologized for calling so late and asked if he is free for a few minutes because the Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi wants to talk to him,' he wrote.

While narrating the same, this Quora user is from Manipal University; Pushpak Chakraborty mentioned this story, where PM personally called the IAS officer to get quick approval of funds to the repair work. While the phone got connected they first apologized for causing inconvenience to call late night.

'He says he doesn't even remember how he responded to it. All he remembers is Modi telling him that the GOI has spoken to both the Assam and Tripura Government and all help would be provided to him to oversee the project,' read the post.

When the officer reached office next day, he found the required files waiting for him from GOI, Government of Assam and Government of Tripura as well. Immediately he rushed to the highway after releasing the required funds. He found 6JCBs waiting which was provided by Assam government. 

'Over the next 4 days, more than 300 trucks with materials kept arriving and along with local workers and PWD officials from Assam and Tripura, he opened the highway for vehicles with necessities for Tripura,' he wrote.

Finally moral of the story, PM also need to get works done on time through calling required officers and seek their help to fix this national highway back to normal. This shows his dedication levels and empowerment towards his work.