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Talk of the town: Ranking system in TDP creating sensation!

TDP party is known for creating sensation in Andhra Pradesh. Last time, when TDP was in power, it focused more on the government employees. The intention of Chandra Babu Naidu to monitor the work of government employees was amazing but it got backfired during the elections time. Analysts at that time mentioned that TDP lost its position due to this aspect.

Now, TDP decided to raise the bars for its politicians. Again, the intention of the party is perfect. It wants to do the self analysis and encourage the MLAs who are not on track to come up in the rankings. Unfortunately, these recent ranking system inside TDP party is creating lots of problems. Politicians are stated to be fighting among themselves.

On the other hand, TDP leaders are encountering attacks from the opposition due to this ranking system. Few opposition leaders commented that Narayana shows No.1 in Eamcet and Inter results but the institution head Mr.Narayana is getting last position in TDP ranking system. We have to see how Chandra Babu reacts to this aspect.