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KCR Surprises All with Beyond the Sky Praises for Modi

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao heaped loads of praises on Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his maiden visit to the newest state of the country. KCR intelligently addressed the public meeting at Gajwel in Hindi so that the message reaches Modi more effectively. KCR went on to say Modi is running 100% Corruption free government which is the first time he saw in his entire political career.

The Chief Minister termed Modi as the country’s most loved political leader. He thanked the Central government for everything right from 42% devolution of Central funds to the states to the just inaugurated various development programs. KCR for the first time, also acknowledged the role of BJP in Telangana creation. The Chief Minister went on to say he will not ask from Lakhs of Crores but will is only anticipating the blessings and love of the Prime Minister in the youngest state of the country. The Chief Minister for the first time also acknowledged Center’s role in making the state powercuts free. KCR’s beyond the sky praises of Modi surprised even the best of the political experts.