Om Namo Venkatesaya

No Special Status, But AP Is A Special State

The words of central BJP leaders looked as rude as they were when they opened up on their unwillingness to declare a special status to Andhra Pradesh according to bifurcation act and it triggered many disturbances in state. 

TDP was blamed for its inability to bring special status to the state and equally good blame for their alliance with BJP in last elections. Now, AP BJP in-charge Siddharthnath Singh is coming up with new numbers and is challenging for a debate on their fund releases and deeds for AP state. 

According to Siddharthnath Singh, AP is being given Rs 22,112 Cr and already a Rs 7000 Cr has been released. Every project in AP is planned to be supervised by concerned central minister twice in a month. Though AP was not given any special status, BJP claims to have decided to allot the package that comes on par with special status. 

AP is being considered as 'Special State' though the BJP government could not give a special status as promised before elections. Siddharthnath Singh names it as a lack of coordination between TDP and BJP, that can be sorted out easily.