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30 More MLAs Ready to Jump: Defected YCP MLA

In a shocking revelation, defected YSR Congress MLA for Vijayawada-West constituency Jaleel Khan said that 30 more YSRCP MLAs are about to join the ruling TDP. Sharply reacting to the jibes by YSRCP MLAs, Jaleel said, "In my whole political career, I've never seen such an Opposition party. There's a coterie which runs the party. Neither MPs nor MLAs are given due respect within the party. One has to wait even for appointment of party chief. We can't freely approach him. Even for MLAs, entry into Jagan's house isn't easy. Whereas CM Chandrababu Naidu treats us like friends. We could go to his home without much hassles and bring problems to his notice."

Jaleel reasoned that in defections in Telangana are due to 'Power' whereas in Andhra Pradesh he opined that 'lack of respect' and 'lack of leadership' is pushing Opposition MLAs to join TDP.

Taking up the challenge thrown by YCP MLAs, Jaleel counter-challenged, "Yes, I'm very much ready to resign, contest elections again and win again. If I win, are they ready to close the party?" Jaleel further said, "Those who're making these statements are also suffering in YCP. They're also keen to join TDP. I don't want to take names but 30 more MLAs are willing to switch the party."

Jaleel's latest statement is making tremors in YCP which was left bruised with the defection of 11 MLAs so far.