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Babu Delaying HC's Division For Jagan?

The High Court division issue has got the two Telugu states Andhra Pradesh and Telangana entangled in a murky war of words. While Telangana is hell-bent on dividing the High Court, AP has been largely silent over the issue, adding fuel to Telangana's ire.

On the other hand, political analysts are terming AP's silence as a strategic move keeping in mind the pending cases on the Leader of Opposition YS Jagan. The Babu government is also stating that there is no need to divide the High Court in a hurried manner as the State's Reorganisation Act entertains AP with equal rights in the High Court for 10 years.

Chandrababu is of opinion that the construction of the High Court building and lawyers quarters will be a time taking process and states that division or shifting of High Court is unnecessary at the moment despite KCR promising that he will provide the necessary accommodation facilities.

All said and done, the Babu government's motives behind this strategic silence is primarily to target Jagan. All the disproportionate assets cases by the CBI on YS Jagan were filed in Telangana and a division of the High Court would mean that the cases will be shifted to Telangana High Court and the Telangana government will have total control over Jagan's cases.

Babu is in no mood to give this advantage to Jagan in this regard and he may push for hearings and further investigation Jagan's cases in the combined High Court itself. Until then, AP government will go all out on its decision to oppose the High Court's division.