Om Namo Venkatesaya

Hundreds To Join KCR for Tirupati Vows

KCR is planning to fulfill his vows at Tirupati for formation of Telangana and in a special way. The CM is all set to travel to Tirumala in a special train along with hundreds of people from ten districts of Telangana to pay back the votive to Lord Venkateswara. 

The Telangana CM mentioned the same in Assembly that he vowed to present 5 Crore rupees if Telangana forms and government issued a GO to present jewelry worth of 7 crores at Tirupati. Not just that, KCR also vowed to visit Ajmir Dargah and the deputy CM Mahmood Ali is already looking after the arrangements for the same. 

And along with that, Telangana government is planning to present votive worth of nearly 59 lakh rupees which include a crown to Warangal Bhadrakali goddess of 57 lakh rupees, a 15 gram nose stud to TIruchanuru goddess, another 15 gram nose stud to Vijayawada Kanakadurgamma and 25 gram golden mustache for Kuruva Veerabhadraswamy.