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Reason Why Pawan Didn't Campaign In GHMC

Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan pulled off a major surprise when he aggressively campaigned for the TDP-BJP alliance in the 2014 general elections. Thanks to Pawan's support, TDP and BJP got a thumping majority. Everyone thought Pawan would make his splash in the GHMC polls after Janasena cadres said that the party will contest in the elections.

But Pawan decided keep away from active politics once again and got himself busy with Sardaar Gabbar Singh. Recently, BJP's Kishan Reddy and TDP's Sujana Chowdary requested Pawan to once again campaign for the TDP-BJP alliance in the GHMC polls. But Pawan politely denied their request.

While many might think that Pawan distanced himself from GHMC polls as he is neck deep busy with Sardaar, the real reason could be different. Pawan formed Janasena with a steadfast resolution of weakening the two allegedly corrupt political biggies, Congress and YSRCP and succeeded in his mission.

While YSRCP backed out of the GHMC contest, Congress is struggling to put up a minimum fight against TRS and the TDP-BJP alliance. This might have made Pawan to feel that his services aren't necessary for TDP-BJP at the moment and let both the parties fight it out on their own. And if they fail, need for Pawan's support grows multifold in the 2019 elections. Quite a smart strategy by the reluctant politician!