Om Namo Venkatesaya

Microsoft's Soft Corner

Global IT giant Microsoft's Indian unit has a good news for its women employees. Rohit Thakur, HR head at Microsoft India, stated that the company has doubled the maternity leave to 6 months in lieu of the previous 3 months.

The 6 month maternity leave is in addition to the option of unpaid leave for up to 3 months and flexible work hours for up to 2 years. This new, revamped  policy will be implemented from February 1 and it will also be extended to employees who are already on maternity leave.

There's more to this admirable policy from the IT biggie. All the male employees will now get a paid paternity leave for a period of 2 weeks. Also, 8 weeks of paid leave for mothers and 2 weeks for fathers will be given to the employees to look after their adopted children. 

This new policy has been introduced to help the company's employees so they can maintain a perfect balance between their personal lives and the workplace and also embrace the new phase of their life, parenthood.