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Modi inquired about KCR’s Yagam?

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao met Prime Minister Narendra Modi few days ago in Delhi. Besides seeking funds for the state in the upcoming budget, there are speculations that they have also talked about a possible alliance in Telangana. Besides that they say Modi also inquired about KCR’s Ayutha Maha Chandi Yagam.

Modi was invited to the Yagam but did not attend since he is on some foreign tour back then. They say the Yagam was conducted so that KCR will become invincible in Telangana politics. Accordingly, TRS cruised to Superman victories in the elections after the Yagam. Modi reportedly asked details of the Yagam and the CM explained it all.

Sources say KCR asked Modi to do the Yagam. The Prime Minister is expected to visit Telangana in mid-March. This will be his first visit to the newest state of the country after 2014 elections. There was severe criticism on Modi for not coming to the state until now. TRS also made it a political issue against BJP.