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Reason Behind Bontu Rammohan's Mayor Chair

Bonthu Rammohan is the name that resounded in entire state of Telangana as well as in many parts of Andhra Pradesh. The reason is, he enthroned as Mayor of Hyderabad. Who is Bonthu Rammohan? This is the question making rounds everywhere. 

As many know Bonthu Rammohan is a student leader who has been with TRS' movement for separate state from day 1, and eventually turned the eyes of seniors when he orchestrated the movement against YS Jagan from entering into Warangal when the movement for statehood was very hot. People around Rammohan used to praise him stating that he will be the Minister Candidate if separate state is formed. But Rammohan was always silent on such issues and just focussed on his job as directed by his seniors. 

Even after the formation of separate state, Bontu Rammohan never approached KCR for any MLA seat or any other consideration. Seeing this commitment without dreaming for result, KCR was very firm on the decision to make him Mayor of the city. Though Vijayalakshmi of Banjara Hills area has been considered to be the Mayor candidate, KCR firmly pushed away all recommendations and simply made 43 year old Bontu Rammohan of Cherlapally, the Mayor of Hyderabad. 

This is one good step taken by KCR which has sent signals to entire party workers to focus on work and rest all will fall in place. This is just another incident that keeps KCR as a great leader in the books of Telangana history.