Om Namo Venkatesaya

Sakshi throwing stones in pitch dark?

Sakshi media is throwing stones in pitch dark hoping that at least one will hit the target. The media house funded by our Opposition Leader, is letting out a series of stories about TDP Ministers and Lokesh purchasing lands in Capital Region under the name of Binamis. There are several angles in these stories which are very confusing.

Sakshi published few land parcel survey numbers and their owner names claiming to be Binamis of TDP leaders. In some cases, the leaders are distantly related to the land owners and in most cases, there are no links. In a way, Sakshi did not establish its claims of those lands purchased by the TDP leaders.

Some of the lands are directly on the name of the leaders or their spouses. Some of these lands are not in the seed capital area and some are purchased after the capital is announced. How can Sakshi prevent TDP Leaders from investing or buying land in the capital? How can it be a crime? The media house alleged that Lokesh was given 85 acres of land by Haailand in saving its skin from Agrigold scam. And again, Sakshi can not establish the allegation. Probably Sakshi is targeting that little percentage of people who may think it is true with these stories.