Om Namo Venkatesaya

'TDP's 'Dochay-Dachuko' Scheme'

Desperately trying to push the TDP government to a corner ahead of the upcoming budget sessions, the YSRCP leaders are launching a full frontal attack. This afternoon, YSRCP MLC Kolagatla Veerabhadraswamy alleged that Chandrababu and his son Nara Lokesh are implementing a 'Dochay-Dachuko' scheme in the state.

"While Peddababu is looting, Chinna Babu is saving the loot," alleged Veerabhadraswamy. Stating that all the TDP bigwigs have been looting the sand so far, he said that now even the TDP's low-level cadres are now set to loot the sand through the latest "free sand" scheme.

The senior leader further said that no TDP leader is openly lashing out at the injustice caused by the centre to AP in the union budget. Meanwhile, the YSRCP leaders are hell-bent on moving a no-confidence motion against the TDP, if they feel that the upcoming state budget is 'not satisfactory'.