Om Namo Venkatesaya

Perfect Slap to Politicians Sleep in Assembly

A simple picture posted by bank employee Swati Chitalkar of her feverish son resting on the floor of her office while she attended to official duties has brought to attention the plight of working mothers in the country. The caption below the photo said, “It’s not a baby on a floor, it’s my heart on the floor.”

Swati’s intention behind this post was to convey this message to ministers who sleep in the assembly that She also said that her intention behind posting the photo was to convey this message to ministers, who ‘sleep’ in the assembly. If she could juggle her official responsibilities and personal duties, surely they could be awake for the required meetings and assemblies. The photo and post received overwhelming support on social platforms and has already reached nearly 4,000 shares and over 50 comments. Surprised by the outpour of support, Swati urges everyone to raise their voice to win their rights.